Friday, March 24, 2017

March 2017

Hi All,

Due to the busyness of life and the difficulty I've had keeping up with my blog posts, I decided to move to Instagram. You can follow us at mjnorthfamily. Hope to see you there.

I'll be leaving this blog active, for historical access.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

27 November 2016 - Thanksgiving

For family home evening, the girls made a gratitude turkey.

After much turkey and affiliated food stuffs, we needed a little physical exercise, so we headed over to the church for a little volleyball, basketball and tossing the football.

20 November 2016 - Logan Wedding / Birthday

On Friday of this week, we drove to Logan for the wedding of Joanne's former Laurel class president from our Idaho ward. It was 21 years ago this month that we got married in the Logan Temple, so it was really nice to go back the very same sealing room for this wedding this week. Joanne got a nice us-ie while we were waiting outside.

Here's Jaycee with her husband after the wedding.

We also like to go back to the Bluebird Cafe, where we held our wedding luncheon.

On Sunday, it was my birthday (44, if you're counting). Tiffany got the t-shirt for me (it says 'world's okayest brother' on it). It was a good birthday.

13 November 2016 - Busy Fall

Joanne continues to work in her craft room. Here's part of another quilt, this one for my cousin Randi's baby.

The girls have been busy with family history, and had an outing to the Provo Temple to get some of the work done.

Joanne got us an excellent fire pit for our backyard. The weather has been so mild in November we could enjoy it late into the season.

Another quilt Joanne made. This time as a wedding gift for one of her former young women.

6 November 2016 - Homecoming & Happiness

Jessica went to Homecoming this week and was excited to be voted Homecoming Queen by her peers.

We celebrated Jennifer's birthday. Joanne made her a fall pumpkin table runner.

A bunch of the youth from our ward on a mutual outing.

30 October 2016 - St. George & Halloween

Emily and Jessica were on the high school volleyball team this fall. Their team was very good, two-time defending state champions. As a result, Jessica and Emily, being new players, didn't get to play much. In the semi-final match though, with the game pretty much in hand, Jessica got into the game and ended up scoring the winning point.

This is a picture of the seniors with their coach.

Jessica and her friend Christina on senior night.

There are lots of smiles in this picture, but what you don't see is that there are some tears as well. In the championship match, the girls' school lost in three games, 15-13 in the final game. It was close and hard-fought, and especially for the senior girls, a tough pill to swallow to go out on a loss.

With a couple of days off from school, we went to St. George for a short break. We went 4 wheeling in the mountains above Cedar City while Jessica did a college overnighter at SUU. The next day, we went 4 wheeling west of St. George. My dad took us to Bloomington Cave. You need a permit to explore it, so we only went into the entrance, but now we're motivated to get a permit and go back to see more.

It was still warm in St. George, so after our 4 wheeling excursion to the cave, we took the boat out to Sand Hollow. Here's Emily in a short cliff jump.

We also took the paddle board for a season ending float.

On Halloween, Madeline was Adrienne's escort for her first trick-or-treat.

23 October 2016 - College Tours

With her SUU acceptance in hand, Jessica took in a few other options during Fall Break this week. We went to see Utah State first.

Then stopped in Ogden on the way back to check out Weber State. The jury's still out.